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How many Quizzes do I do a week? 5

How many people come to them? Hundreds (maybe thousands)

How many people love them? All of them!

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Who's having a film made about their life? Tommy Q

"Quizzing is a much misunderstood, maligned and generally malnourished profession." Tommy Q

standard2The World's Greatest Pub Quiz Master

That's right, you're here. You've actually made it. You've discovered the greatest Quiz Master the world has ever seen. 

So fancy a question? They're on their way my quiztastic fans. Just hold your horses because I'm a busy man with festivals and events to attend. 

And galas. I go to a lot of galas.


Tommy Q to become a film star!!

A few months ago I was contacted by some film-makers who said they wanted to make a documentary about my incredible rise to the top. I had one question... how come it had taken them so long?! Read more about it - next stop Hollywood!


COMING SOON: My new rap video feat. Tommy-Double-Q!

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